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Patented Design For The Proper Removal Of Ticks

This is it! A patented, scientific instrument. Specifically designed to remove, safely and effectively, disease bearing ticks embedded in the skin. Invented in Sweden and extensively tested by renowned Lyme disease research scientists in the US and by daily use in major Swedish hospitals.

“The Tick Remover” represents a technological breakthrough in the fight against ticks and the serious illness they can cause. Ordinary tweezers are not suitable for removing ticks. They increase the risk that the body of the tick will be pulled off. They may also accelerate the spread of tick borne diseases by squeezing too hard on the tick’s body where the bacteria are stored, and injecting the bacteria through the bite.

“The Tick Remover” minimizes these risks through its patented spring loaded, pinching action, which applies a predetermined amount of pressure on the tick’s body. Its fine, carefully crafted, angled pincers permit precise placement on the tick, while the cylindrical design allows the user to gently dislodge the whole tick.

U.S. Distributor:

81008 Alexander
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

PHONE 919.968.1962
FAX (919) 968 9948