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Patented Design For The Proper Removal Of Ticks

Instructions for “The Tick Remover”:

Step 1) Place "The Tick Remover" between thumb and index finger with the round eye resting against the palm of your hand. Step 2) Pull the cylinder upwards, with the help of the ring, so that the pincers separate.
Step 3) Slowly, let the cylinder down, making the pincers grip the tick as close to the skin as possible. Step 4) When "The Tick Remover" has a firm grip around the tick, pull straight out! This will increase the chance to get the tick out intact.

Some basic steps to avoid ticks:

Wear covering clothing of smooth fabric.

Also wear light-colored clothing and check frequently both body and clothing for ticks.

Use a tick repellent

Avoid grass and shrubs that may be tick infested and stay on wide paths and roads when possible.

If you are bitten:

Don’t panic! The risk of getting sick after a single tick bite is after all fairly limited.

Remove the tick as soon as possible. Quick removal is the best protection against infection!

After removal, clean the bite area and “The Tick Remover” thoroughly with disinfectant or alcohol.

A quick and simple method of extracting the tick is to use “The Tick Remover”. It has been extensively tested by medical expertise in the USA and in Sweden and is emphatically endorsed in both countries!

Clean the bite area thoroughly with disinfectant or alcohol.

Make a habit of checking the tick bite area for a few weeks. If you develop a reaction to the tick bite such as a rash, fever, headache, muscle ache etc., immediately seek medical attention!

For more information on Tickborne Diseases, prevention and symptoms etc, go to website for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, search for “ticks” and select “tickborne diseases.”